The Program

Local Grown Plants connects today’s locally conscious gardening and plant consumer with local plant growers. We believe that plants grown locally truly are the best plants…they’re Grown Here to Thrive Here! For more about why you should buy locally grown plants, click here, and then buy local!

To find where you can buy locally grown plants near you, use our Local Locator. Peruse our site and blog for gardening information and inspiration for all your outdoor projects.

Local Grown Plants serves the horticulture industry, specifically independent garden centers, retail growers, and wholesale growers. We offer garden centers and growers a marketing program to promote local. We help growers tell their story and clearly identify their plants as locally grown. The easiest way to tell consumers that plants are authentically local is to do so right on the pot. We offer custom printed pots with the “Grown Here to Thrive Here” tagline and “I’m Local” logo, as well as other local-themed merchandising materials and signage. is our consumer facing website that gives growers and garden centers an opportunity to connect digitally with consumers, tell their story with a video, and promote that their plants are locally grown.