Market Yourself with Local Grown Plants

Consumers today are increasingly responding to the “buy local” movement. Consumers recognize the value of local. Buying from a friendly neighborhood retailer makes a consumer feel good, like they’re doing their part to support their community. You can capitalize on this movement by using the Local Grown Plants marketing program.

Who Can Participate

  1. Independent Garden Centers and Greenhouses that grow their own retail plants, and any or all company owned retail outlets within 150 miles of the greenhouse location growing the plants.
  2. Independent Garden Retailers that purchase from participating local wholesale growers that are within 150 miles of the growing location.
  3. Wholesale Growers that service and sell to Independent Garden Centers within a 150 mile radius of their wholesale greenhouse.
  4. Wholesale Growers that service and sell to plant selling companies that are not independent garden centers as long as all retail outlets are independently owned and operated within 150 miles of the wholesale greenhouse supplying the plants.

How to Participate

  1. List your business on for $99 annually. With the $99 fee, you get the website listing and access to optional merchandising materials. Contact us for multiple location pricing.
  2. Participating retailers will be listed as Garden Centers in our Local Locator.
  3. Participating wholesalers will be listed as Wholesale Growers in our Local Locator.

Merchandising Materials

Local Grown Plants merchandising materials are optional. The $99 annual participation fee grants you access to merchandising materials, but you are not required to purchase.

You choose what elements, if any, you want to use. Click the links to download and/or print the merchandising materials product sheet (PDF) and order form (PDF). Or visit our online shop.

We Help You Market YOU

For Retailers

  1. You can present a consistent message to the gardening consumer for your garden center with the eye-catching “Grown Here to Thrive Here” tagline and “I’m Local” logo.
  2. You are the local expert, you have the experience to select and grow the best plants for your area. You grow what you want in the Local Grown Plants pot. Use the tag options on any plant that is grown locally – we put no restrictions on what you grow.
  3. You can set yourself apart from the “big box” stores and others selling in a basic black pot.
  4. You can set yourself apart from retailers that bring in “imported” racks of finished plants.

For Wholesalers

  1. You can present a consistent message to your local garden center and retailer customers with the eye-catching “Grown Here to Thrive Here” tagline and “I’m Local” logo on pots and tags.
  2. You can set yourself and your local plants apart from wholesale competitors that “import” their goods from long distances. Use local to differentiate yourself, add value, and build stronger relationships with your customers.
  3. With your program participation, you will be listed in the Wholesale Local Locator. Garden Centers and retailers can use this to search and find local supply in their area.

We Support You With

  1. Our consumer focused website helps you reach consumers in your area with searchable location services.
  2. Our website links to your company information, website, email, social media accounts, etc.
  3. Tell “your story” with a personal YouTube video that is linked to your contact information on
  4. Extend your reach to today’s consumer with our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Blog.

Do you want to try out the Local Locator and see how it works? We are continually building our database of local businesses, but you may not find one near you yet. To demonstrate the functionality of the Local Locator and see an example of a personalized YouTube video, try using the Local Locator to look for a Wholesale Grower near zip code 63301.

Terms & Conditions

We don’t have lawyers writing this up. It should be pretty simple. Here are some basic rules.

  1. I agree that any business that participates in Local Grown will fit the definition of local as described in “Who Can Participate”. Key point – plants are sold within 150 miles of the growing location.
  2. I will pay the participation and listing fee. This provides access to the marketing materials (pots, tags, POP, etc.) and provides a business listing on the Local Grown Plants Website.
    • The fee is annual. January 1st to December 31st validity (no matter when payment is made). You can set start and stop dates for your business listing if you wish.
    • You can register more than one business location with the following costs:First location- $99
      Locations 2 through 5 – $50 each.
      Locations 6 and more- $25 each.
  3. I agree to 30 day payment terms for all products and fees.
  4. I will provide a copy of my reseller certificate when ordering pots and/or tags for the first time.

The program will be policed by the industry and the honor system. It is a small industry and nothing stays secret for long. In order to maintain program and product integrity for the consumer, we reserve the right to terminate participation if you are found violating the definition of local (see “Who Can Participate”). No refunds or reimbursement if your participation is discontinued due to a violation of the “local” definition. So be truthful — your mom might be buying Local Grown Plants and we want her to get an honest product. Don’t ship finished plants with “Grown Here to Thrive Here” & “I’m Local” logos to faraway places and call it local.

I agree to live by these terms when paying the participation and listing fee.


Sign Up

localReady to sign up and participate in the Local Grown Plants marketing program?

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