For Quality and Freshness

Your local grower has the experience to select plant varieties that are best suited to your region and climate. Since the plants are grown here, they are naturally adapted to your weather. In today’s world, many products are trucked across long distances. Think how you feel after being in a car or plane for several hours, tired and stressed, right? Local plants are fresh plants, and fresh plants are healthy plants. Your local grower has the plants that will thrive in your garden. Avoid tired plants and buy local!

Better for the Environment

The plants you get from your local grower are not trucked across the country, which conserves precious natural resources and reduces emissions of greenhouse gases. Transporting across the country may also introduce invasive pests into your area. Be green and buy local!

Support Your Local Community and Family Businesses

By purchasing from your local grower, you are supporting your local community and small, family owned businesses. Use your purchasing power to strengthen your local economy. Your local grower wants to know you, the customer, and they want you to be successful with their local plants. Your local grower has the experience and customer service to help you along the way. Grow your community and buy local!

Fresh and Local is Best!

Choose local plants, they are Grown Here to Thrive Here! Look for the “Grown Here to Thrive Here” and “I’m Local” logos, these plants are authentically local. Use the Local Locator to find your closest friendly neighborhood grower.